D.T. System - Super Pro Dog Training Dummy Launcher with Dummy


Super Pro Dog Training Dummy Launcher with Dummy

- Hand held dummy launcher operates with .22 blank power loads

- You load the blank, pull back the handle, and a firing pin strikes the .22 blank power load to propel the dummy

- Convenient built-in shell extractor makes extracting shells easy as 1-2-3

- Perfect for Land or Water training (the dummies FLOAT on water)

- Great for training dogs to mark with the report of the .22 blank going off (simulates gunfire noise)

- Optimized for maximum launch distance and comfortable/easy use

- Self-contained firing pin mechanism for easy cleaning and maintenance

- Dual exhaust holes for greatly reduced recoil

- Cast aluminum & durable Stainless Steel construction to resist rusting

- Thick, dense shock-absorbing recoil pad for comfort when using

- Wide nylon comfort grip handle sleeve